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Preorder via our shop by 12pm for pick up the next day from 10am.

If you plan to devour the loaf in 2-3 days, wrap it in paper, foil or a cloth. Or better yet, a reusable bread bag (available at To Be Frank). This lets the fresh bread breathe. Plastic wrap
can actually encourage moulding.

A bread box is your friend! They allow the air to circulate, keeping bread from moulding. It’s best
to place the cut side of the loaf down so it's not exposed to air (or wrap in a cloth).

Don’t store bread in the fridge, it will stale faster than at room temperature, something about the
starch but we won’t bore you with that so try to store in a cool, dry area of your kitchen.

If you don’t plan to eat the whole loaf within 3 days, it's best to freeze it (or some of it) straight away. We recommend slicing it first and placing baking paper between the slices. Then pop it into a resealable plastic bag with all the air removed. This makes it easier to take out what you need.

We know it can be hard to wait after buying a loaf that's still warm from the oven, but we ask that you hold off before cutting. The reason being that slicing warm bread will result in a gummy and sticky interior. Often mistaken for an undercooked loaf, the bread is just warm and hasn’t
“set” yet.

Our breads contain a high percentage of whole grains and therefore benefit from a long rest.
Rye is special again and is best cut 12-24 hours after baking.

Our focaccia is available from 10am on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Due to the fermentation process, it will not be ready any earlier.

No we don’t. As we are an artisan bakery, we like to bake products depending on what is
available/in season, so we may change things up fairly often. We also bake different breads on
different days to keep things interesting. If you visit us you can expect to find a range of breads,
sweet and savoury pastries, sandwiches and toasties, plus grab and go items.

No, although we have a small amount of seating, we are predominantly a takeaway bakery. We welcome you to stay and watch the bakers in action but unfortunately we can’t reserve tables.

No. we don’t offer delivery.

Yes we do. We offer 3-4 different sourdough breads everyday. Although we mostly bake bread
using the respectus panis method which utilises a small amount of yeast.

Commercial bread and “Artisan Bakeries” can use 10-40g of yeast per kilogram of flour, this has
given yeast a bad reputation. When yeast is used in such large quantities and the dough is fermented very quickly, the gluten hasn’t had time to be broken down, making it hard to digest. And we haven’t even mentioned all the other preservatives and improvers in commercial bread
which makes it bad for your body.

Our method uses a very small amount of yeast (less than 0.05%) which ferments over a long period of time (15-17 hours). This process allows for the gluten to be broken down, making it easier to digest. We don’t develop gluten and we don’t bulk ferment in the fridge, so our bread isn’t sour. We don’t use preservatives, improvers or magic powders, just organic/biodynamic flours, water and salt. Although this bread is not sourdough, it's just as easy or easier to digest than many sourdoughs due to the breakdown of the gluten.

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